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Save Ohio’s Butterflies! Do you enjoy the summer butterflies? Well, as these pollinator populations dwindle, the OhioDepartment of Agriculture and Wayne National Forest are planning to spray a dangerous insecticide called BtK all over Ohio to decrease the Gypsy Moth, a non-native moth that impacts trees [...continue reading.]

Years of Living Dangerously

Years of Living Dangerously New Showtime documentary showing the human impacts of climate change. Learn more and what you can do as an individual to #actonclimate See the first episode here    

Stop Asian Carp Before It’s Too Late!

The Great Lakes are a national treasure, and economically support a $7 billion fishing industry, $16 billion boating industry, and 1.5 million jobs. The introduction of Asian carp and other species puts the well-being of our communities, wildlife, and waters at risk.   Tell the US Army [...continue reading.]


Conservation News

Sierra Club at Earth Day 2014

Posted on April 21st, 2014

earth day 2014

Aveda Earth Month 2014 Rain Barrel Art Raffle

Posted on April 14th, 2014

slide07The Aveda Network for Good and the Sierra Club are teaming up all April, to raise awareness about stormwater pollution through rain barrel art.  55- gallon, re-purposed barrels were primed sanded, designed, painted, and are being raffled off with a Do It Yourself installation kit.  Visit an Aveda Salon, Retail Experience Center, or Institute and take a chance on winning a one of a kind Rain Barrel today (click link for a  map of participating locations).   Read More

I sent a letter to the Editor of the Cincinnati Enquirer regarding ways to fund replacement of the Brent Spence Bridge; it was published on-line (only) April 1st:


So far, there are no comments. Please feel free to comment and/or use the social-networking links provided on that page.

Note that I tried to focus on that subject, rather than dragging-in global warming, all the transportation alternatives, etc. So, if so inclined, please comment on those as well.

Care for yourself and the Earth

Care for yourself and the Earth

Every April the Sierra Club and Aveda team up to raise support for clean water in Ohio. Aveda cares for the world we live in, from they products they make to the ways they give back to society. Over the past 5 years we have raised over 1/2 million dollars to restore, improve, and protect Ohio’s waterways. 100% of the proceeds from earth month events will go to the Sierra Club’s work in Ohio.

April 6th Cut a Thon (Square One Salon, Dayton or Centerville)

April 11th Appointment for Clean Water (Fredric Institute, West Chester)

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excom election

Posted on March 21st, 2014

Congratulations to Scott Bushbaum and Sandy Wood , our new members of excom and to Joe Bowman, Sam McKinley and Marilyn Wall who were elected to new terms. Elizabeth Durrell will be taking over Marci Taylor’s position.

Sam McKinley will be our new Conservation Chair. Many thanks to Sam for his service as Group Chair. Marilyn Wall will be taking over as Group Chair.

Chris Curran, Marci Taylor and Doug Jose left the excom this year. Their good work for the environment is much appreciated ! Chris Curran will be continuing as our Wild and Scenic Committee Chair which works to protect the Little Miami and on transportation choices. Doug Jose is taking over as Communications Chair.

See our updated roster of leaders.

Marilyn Wall
Miami Group Chair


The Sierra Club’s Miami Group has been working for over a decade to get the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) to improve its antiquated sewer system that combines sewage and rainwater runoff, resulting in overflows into our rivers and people’s basements.

Despite a court order, MSD’s progress has been agonizingly slow. This past year, new construction contracts were stopped by the Hamilton County Commissioners over Cincinnati’s Responsible Bidder ordinance. After studying the issue, the Miami Group’s Executive Committee (ExCom) decided that the Responsible Bidder requirements would benefit the environment in the long run, as well as bring good new construction jobs to the region.

In order to resume construction on the much-needed sewer improvements, the Miami Group joined the BUILD 513 coalition with the Laborers’ International Union, the Baptist Ministers Conference, the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, and other community groups in a campaign with three long-term goals:
• Clean rivers from green sewers
• Good sewer construction jobs thru Responsible Bidder
• Affordable sewer rates thru a progressive rate structure
BUILD 513′s immediate goal is to get the Hamilton County Board to release MSD’s construction funds so work can resume on the improved sewer system.

You can help by signing and circulating the BUILD 513 PETITION-Release the funds. Mail or FAX the signed petitions by March 19 to:

Laborers’ International Union
2135 Dana Ave, Suite 240
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207


You can also sign the petition online by clicking on the petition. BUILD 513 will deliver all signed petitions to the Hamilton County Commissioners on March 21.

Thanks for helping us protect our environment,

Sam McKinley
Chair, Miami Group Executive Committee