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Info on Toxic Algae Blooms

Posted on September 9th, 2014

NOAA on toxic algae According to NOAA, “The primary culprit in these blooms is excess fertilizer—mostly phosphorous—that washes off agricultural land into rivers and streams that flow into the lake.  Microscopic algae populations can explode in numbers when nutrient levels in the water climb. Some species of algae produce toxins that can make lake life as well as people sick.”

here is Ohio EPA’s map of current algae bloom warnings  Know before you set out to recreate!

and here is information from the Ohio Department of Health about recognizing toxic algae blooms.

When: Monday, December 1st, 2014, 7:00 – 8:55 PM

Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH)

SpeakerMike Fremont

Title: Food, Climate Change, Environment and Health

Mike Fremont has been a Sierran since 1966, a retired engineer and Cincinnati businessman, a founder and former board member of American Rivers, and a founder and former President of Rivers Unlimited 1972 – 2003.

mike fremont favTwenty-three years ago he was under sentence of death: 3 months to live- or be operated upon. He read a book, changed his diet to one known as Macrobiotic, and has lived very happily ever after.

Understanding this amazing process, and the potential effect a national diet change would have on longevity, public health, health care and insurance costs and quality of life took a bit of research. The impact would, could, will be staggering.

His first work, in 1994, was a 12-pager with a food impact diagram including global warming, and then in 2009 work showing the extreme effect of our American diet on global warming.

In his opinion we must understand what is happening and do everything possible to forestall warming, or perish as a race. This is arcane, and questions will be welcome.


Stop Coal Bailouts: Attend a Hearing!

Posted on September 4th, 2014

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Duke Energy, along with Ohio’s other electric utilities, are trying right now behind the scenes to bail out a number of Ohio’s oldest, dirtiest, and most expensive coal plants. What’s worse, they want you and I to pay for it.

It’s not right. It’s not fair. And even if you’re not buying your power from Duke, you’re still going to be stuck paying for their dirty coal bailout.

In the next few weeks, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio will hold a series of public hearings that will help determine whether or not Duke gets its way. Sign up to help stop Duke’s bailout scheme.   Show this public commission the public refuses to finance these bailouts.

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County, city fighting over sewers again

Posted on August 21st, 2014

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports “The fight over Hamilton County’s sewer district ramped up again Wednesday when county officials accused the city of Cincinnati of ignoring its instructions and risking hundreds of millions of dollars in ratepayers’ money.”  Read More

The county resolution reads, in part, ” The County Prosecutor is requested to enforce these and other Resolutions of the Board
with respect to the MSDGC, including the employment of Special Counsel for such enforcement,
and to evaluate the potential financial liability of the City, as operator of MSDGC, for ultra vires
actions taken by MSDGC outside of its authority and in violation of the instructions provided by
the County.

The County Administrator is directed to notify the Interim City Manager of this
Resolution and seek to obtain from the Interim City Manager written confirmation within five (5)
business days that the City will cause the County’s instructions to the City regarding MSDGC to
be complied with immediately and will take corrective action to address damages caused by the
ongoing and prior failures of MSDGC to be in compliance with the instructions of the County, as
Read the full resolution here.

Sierra Club appreciates the county’s increased oversight, review and diligence in reviewing and directing the work of the MSDGC.

thousands of gallons spill according to the Business Courier

Cleanup will take days according to ORANCO.

and the view of Duke Energy

U.S. EPA Serving as On-Scene Coordinator in Emergency Response to Ohio River Oil Spill

Sierra Club Response to Duke Energy Spill in Ohio River

NEW RICHMOND, Ohio — Authorities are investigating an oil spill from Duke Energy’s Beckjord Station, about 20 miles from Cincinnati. Officials say about 5,000 gallons have spilled into the Ohio River.

In response, Sierra Club Organizer, Neil Waggoner, released this statement:

“This is yet another example of dirty fossil fuels putting us at risk. We pay with our health. We pay for the dangerous cleanup with our tax dollars. At the same time that Duke Energy was spilling oil in our river, it’s also asking the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to bail out its old, polluting coal plants by passing extra costs on to its customers. If utilities in Ohio invested these dollars in clean energy, we could breathe easier, have safe water and power our lives without suffering the dangers of refineries and coal plants.”

Changing Course – Shift Change

Posted on August 9th, 2014

Sunday, August 24 @ 7 pm. St. John’s Unitarian Church on Resor in Clifton. Screening and discussion of the new PBS film SHIFT CHANGE: True Stories of Dignified Jobs in Democratic Workplaces. We will discuss the front lines of the new co-op economy. After the film, we will learn more about the emerging worker co-ops right here in Cincinnati. Part of the Changing Course Community Discussion Series. Our co-sponsors and participants: Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative, Apple Street Market Co-op, Waterfields LLC, Interfaith Business Builders, St. John’s Green Sanctuary Partners, League of Women Voters, Woman’s City Club.

Changing CO2urse- SHIFT CHANGE