Innings & Events

Join us for our Annual Member Appreciation Dinner, Sat., Nov. 15, at Unity of Garden Park Church, 3581 Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, 45239.

RSVP online by following this link!

This is a potluck dinner.  We provide the dinnerware.  Bring something to share and a drink.  Appetizers & conversation begin about 5:30 and  dinner around 6:30.  Then we’ll do a quick review of what’s happened this past year, things we’d like to accomplish in 2015, and give out awards to some of our volunteers. A great time to visit with old friends and meet new members.

Questions?  Contact Karen at

November Innings Meeting

Posted on October 22nd, 2014

When: Monday, November 3rd, 2014, 7:00 – 8:55 PM

Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH)

Speakers: Danny Cooper & Paige

Title: Highlights of 2014′s Bike2Baseball event AND a local’s ascent of Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas


Danny Cooper, the event organizer and ride leader, will cover the highlights of “Bike2Baseball”, Cincinnati’s annual ride to Great American Ballpark (GABP) to watch a Reds game. Each year the route highlights a new bike lane or path created to meet the City of Cincinnati’s 2010 Bike Plan. He demonstrates for the average cyclist the location and safety of these new lanes. Biker participants receive a generous 10-40% ticket discount. To maximize fun and safety, rides are on the Ohio River Trail on weekend afternoons, when auto traffic is minimal and visibility is best.

Danny Cooper is an “Air Force “brat” born in Germany, who came to the US at age 5, then returned to Germany for a time. He played high school baseball in North Dakota and JV ball at the University of North Dakota. As an Air Force Engineer, he held positions including nuclear missile maintenance; the design of communications systems and satellite parts; and the formulation of the corporate, ten-year, $22B budget and closed two bases early. He is a backpacker, house remodeler, gardener, kayaker, volunteer & biker that does over 1000 “Green” miles a year.  He has lived in multiple locations around the US

Paige Elisha Lindy, 32, will share pictures and stories of her 22,837 foot climb last December on Aconcagua. Located in Argentina, Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas.  Its climate can be extreme, and the mountain is known for chilling temperatures.  Yet, Aconcagua is accessible to many mountain enthusiasts because it is “non-technical” and does not require ropes.

Paige Elisha Lindy is a Colorado native and recent transplant to Cincinnati.  She grew up hiking with her family in the Elk Mountains in Colorado and has a love for long trips in the out-of-doors.  She has spent 21 days on the Grand Canyon (2008), climbed Kilimanjaro (2011), and most recently returned from climbing Aconcagua (2013).  Paige and her husband Ben are currently expecting their first child.

ICO Fall Adventure this Saturday

Posted on October 13th, 2014

Sierra Club ICO invites all participants to join us on a Fall Adventure.  We will be picking apples at Tuken’s Farm in West Alexandria, then exploring the Fall colors at Cox Arboretum in Dayton on Saturday, October 18, 2014.  We are asking all participants to arrive BY 9:00 am at Dater.   We will return to Dater at 4:30 pm.   Please make sure your child eats breakfast.  We will provide lunch at 12:30 and a snack later in the day.

There are three ways to meet up with us:

1.  Meet us at Dater and caravan with us

2.  Have a background check conducted and carpool with us

3.  Meet us at Tuken’s.


In order to participate, the ICO needs to have the Trip & Participant Information Form and the Sierra Club ICO Wavier SIGNED.  (link below)  If these two forms are not completed and signed, you will not be allowed to go on the trip.


If you have any questions about the outing, please contact Roberta Shawhan at 812-204-7921.

Additional Information:

1.  Our participants range in age from 6-12.

2.  If they want to meet us at Tuken’s that is fine-the tour starts at 11:30 am.

October Inning: MGSC Member Vacation Slide Shows!

Posted on September 6th, 2014

When: Monday, October 6th, 2014, 7:00 – 8:55 PM

Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH)

Speaker: Various members

Title: Vacation Slide Shows!


For this Innings, our members will share their recent vacation pictures with the group. There will be about 8 presentations of 12 min each. Presenters will be selected by the order of sign up. If you wish to present, notify Alvin Denenberg by email (, and please provide a title and/or location of your topic. (e.g. “Kayaking Glacier Bay”, “Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef”, “Hiking the Dolomites”, “Biking The Amalfi Coast”.

Please bring your presentation on a flash drive. Usually 12-40 slides can be shown, as long as it fits into the time allowed. Follow-up information will be emailed to you.

When: Monday, December 1st, 2014, 7:00 – 8:55 PM

Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH)

SpeakerMike Fremont

Title: Food, Climate Change, Environment and Health

Mike Fremont has been a Sierran since 1966, a retired engineer and Cincinnati businessman, a founder and former board member of American Rivers, and a founder and former President of Rivers Unlimited 1972 – 2003.

mike fremont favTwenty-three years ago he was under sentence of death: 3 months to live- or be operated upon. He read a book, changed his diet to one known as Macrobiotic, and has lived very happily ever after.

Understanding this amazing process, and the potential effect a national diet change would have on longevity, public health, health care and insurance costs and quality of life took a bit of research. The impact would, could, will be staggering.

His first work, in 1994, was a 12-pager with a food impact diagram including global warming, and then in 2009 work showing the extreme effect of our American diet on global warming.

In his opinion we must understand what is happening and do everything possible to forestall warming, or perish as a race. This is arcane, and questions will be welcome.


When: TUESDAY September 2nd, 2014, 7:00 – 8:55 PM

Where: At the Dan Beard Boy Scout Council (10078 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH)

Speaker: Jack Berninger


Description: Jack will give a geological presentation on “ANCIENT OCEANS TO RECENT GLACIERS”.

Cincinnati has it all. Oceans, Glaciers, Volcanoes, Mountains, Caves, Earthquakes, Arches, and Ice Mountain Rivers. Over 250 million years of geologic history can be found in this area of Ohio.

Short Bio: Jack Berninger, a retired Biology teacher who spends his time still educating people on the wonderful and exciting flora and fauna of the Cincinnati and Everglades Regions. Various programs and hikes are conducted for Audubon, Fernald, Astronomical groups, Stone/Douglass Festival, Naples Nature Preserves and other wildlife groups in the above locations. Jack has recently presented for our Miami Group, and OLLI.